What’s Happening

The aim here is to inform students (as well as faculty, staff, and employees) what is going on at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC). However, SWIC Weekly needs your cooperation. If you have an event, meeting, sporting event, club fundraiser, etc., please let SWIC Weekly know. While it will be the intent of SWIC Weekly to cover and report on happenings that occur at SWIC, know that manpower may not allow it. Therefore, if you can report on proceedings, please do so and forward to SWIC Weekly accordingly. To submit a “What’s Happening” event, please fill out the form below or email to editorswicweekly@gmail.com. Please put “What’s Happening” in the subject line. Thank you!

June 3 — 2019 Summer Semester classes begin (and end on July 23).

July 24-25 — Final exams for 2019 Summer Semester.

July 29 — Grades due for 2019 Summer Semester classes.

August 17 — 2019 Fall Semester classes begin (and semester ends Dec. 6.)

Sept. 2 — Labor Day (College closed.)


Tell us what is happening at SWIC.