Ambitious SWIC CMT alum achieves success in his field

Patrick Connelly began his love for the construction industry as a child

He enjoyed creating something from nothing and seeing the final result, as well as being a part of the entire process. This drive and passion for the construction field is what has helped him get where he is today – site construction and facilities manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev in St. Louis. Connelly began his educational journey at Southwestern Illinois College in the Construction Management Technology program.

“I chose SWIC because it was close by and there was always a class that fit into my busy schedule,” Connelly said. “I also appreciated the personalized attention and dedication to my educational success that my instructors and professors gave me. The momentum to keep striving and doing my best by the faculty at SWIC is what kept me going.”

While in the CMT program, he worked full-time in the construction and industrial maintenance fields. Over the years, Connelly held several jobs including heavy equipment operator, boiler service technician, certified welder and steel mill operations manager.

“We are very proud of Patrick and excited about being instrumental in his successful career path,” said Assistant Professor Charles “Jim” Laing.

After attending SWIC, Connelly continued his education. He transferred to Southern Illinois University Carbondale to earn his Bachelor of Science degree, then earned his Master of Business Administration from Lindenwood University.     

“The more I learned, the more I wanted to keep learning and continue to challenge myself,” he said. 

In 2018, Connelly accepted a promotion to Site Construction and Facilities Manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev in St. Louis, where he previously held the role as a construction/facilities engineer. In his current role, he is responsible for managing the construction and facilities maintenance at the Anheuser Busch St. Louis Brewery.

“SWIC’s Construction Management Technology program is a great option for anyone interested in furthering their career in the construction industry,” Laing said. “Many of our students already have construction experience and are working in the industry, while they pursue their degree. Once obtaining a two-year Associate in Applied Science degree, our students typically see expanded employment opportunities, job satisfaction and increased responsibility.

Connelly also has his 10 Hour OSHA Safety Training certification, 30 Hour OSHA Safety Training certification, American Society of Mechanical Engineers Welder certification and is Six Sigma White Belt certified. He lives in Damiansville, Illinois with his wife, Samantha, and two daughters, Julianne and Taylor. In the future, Connelly hopes to continue working in the construction management industry by attaining roles with increasing responsibility. Some day he would like to be a part of global construction projects, as well as teach construction management courses.

 “If you want to enter the construction management field, take advantage of any hands-on experience you can get because the more knowledge and experience you gain, the more you will continue to grow personally and professionally,” said Connelly.

SWIC offers a two-year, 60-semester-credit AAS degree in Construction Management Technology. The program prepares students for careers in the construction industry. Upon graduation, students are qualified for multiple entry-level positions in the construction management career field. SWIC also offers an accelerated degree option in Construction Management Technology for students that already have a previous degree. 

For more information about Construction Management Technology, visit or contact Jim Laing at 
866-942-SWIC (7942), ext. 5209.

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