The Blue Storm Radio

Written By: Sydney Gillum

Mac Chamblin is the man behind SWIC’s award winning internet radio station.

Mac Chamblin

“It serves the campus and community. Its studios serve as a lab to help students develop effective communication skills and confidence through the technologies of digital media,” said Chamblin.

The radio station is more than just getting news that has been going around campus and outside our campus. It challenges students to step outside their boxes and boosts their confidence.  

What the station broadcasts is St. Louis metropolitan regional arts, entertainment, news, sports and public affairs. The station also reaches out to the student body to help better serve them and also promotes the activities they do.

An upcoming broadcast that the station will do during the spring, is SWIC’s men and women’s basketball and baseball home games. Another thing that the station does is help raise money for the college’s foundation with on-air recognition with supporters of the foundation and the work the foundation does.  

An upcoming event that the radio station goes to is the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) international Radio, TV and digital media awards in New York City. The award show is March 1st through the 3rd.

Blue Storm Radio is being recognized at the IBS for many different awards that involve their excellence in broadcasting in four different categories. The categories include Best Radio Drama, Best Promo, Best Commercial and Best Comedy Program.  

Another event coming up is where the radio station and the online newspaper are pairing up on Wednesday, April 10th from 10am to 1pm to celebrate “Spring Media Fling” on the second floor of the Liberal Arts building in conference rooms 2311 and 2313.  

The following Saturday, April 13th, the station will be joining other college stations from all around the country and doing Vinylthon. a celebration of college radio’s vinyl heritage.

“It is our fourth year spinning vinyl as part of the national event,” said Chamblin.

The last event the station is planning to do is broadcast the graduation on Thursday, May 16,  from 5pm to 9pm for those people who are a part of the graduate’s family who could not join the ceremony in person. 

“This will be our fourth year in helping family who cannot attend have a way for them to be a part of graduation,” said Chamblin.

The radio station brings more than just news. It brings confidence and joy. It brings people together on things they didn’t know that others were drawn to.  

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