SWIC says Farewell to some of its Faculty members

Written By: Z’necia Hall

As we head to the second half of the semester, we realize that this school year is almost over. At this realization, let’s hear from some retiring teachers; Cynthia Hussain, Michael Oliver, Monica Hatch, and Kyle Donaldson. Their experience has been one that they all have enjoyed for a few different reasons.

Monica Hatch

     “It’s been a joy! I felt so fortunate to get this job 17 years ago, and I’ve never stopped feeling fortunate,” said Hatch.

       She continued by saying, “I get to learn about new topics all the time because my students write about them and bring their own unique perspective to the topic. That’s something I will really miss when I stop teaching!”

Hatch is finishing out her 17th year at SWIC. She’s taught English 95 all the way up to English 102. She gives all the credits to her colleagues for making her want to be the best teacher she could be.

Michael Oliver

“I was lucky in a way, I have a double background in literature and philosophy, right. So ever since I came here, I taught in both departments at the same time,” commented Oliver.

When asked what his favorite class has been he said, “I love teaching Shakespeare.”

Oliver really enjoys the classroom. He feels that this is what he was meant to do. Though after 28 years he says he’s ready to retire.

Kyle Donaldson, has worked in the English department who says, “I truly love my colleagues.”

“…it’s rewarding as a teacher to watch that significant growth across the course of a semester,” Donaldson said when talking about his English 95 and 96 classes.

Donaldson has been working at SWIC for 11 years, mostly at the Granite City campus because that’s his home campus as he likes the diversity in the age of students that attend there.

Cynthia Hussain

Hussain is another instructor retiring, mentioned her appreciation and gratitude for her students and colleagues.

      “I am grateful to the many students I’ve worked with over the years and all that they have taught me,” said Hussain. “…it’s been a joy to work with them.”

In her 29 years at SWIC, she has taught many different classes. She has taught a few different Literature classes but has mostly done English 91 and 92.

“I especially love to teach English 92–Critical Reading. I truly believe that being able to read and think critically improves life quality,” said Hussain.

 From teaching English 91 to English 102, teaching about Graphic Novels to Shakespeare and even Philosophy, Hussain, Hatch, Oliver, and Donaldson have poured years into their student’s futures, hopes and dreams. They have been greatly appreciated and they will be missed but we are happy for them as they get ready to start a new journey in life.

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