Student Trustee Election, 2019

Written By: Niha Ursani

Every year Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) hosts their Student Trustee Elections which is the highest position a student can get at SWIC. This year this election is taking place in the Belleville campus, whereas last year this election had taken place at the Red Bud campus. To participate in this election, a student must collect 50 signatures.

Last year, this election was won by Sonny Wilson, a 21-year-old who is majoring in Business Management. Wilson has been studying at SWIC for 3 years and hopes to transfer to Southern Illinois University sometime in the future.

“I didn’t even know about this election, until Amy Brockman (Director of Student Life), encouraged me to participate in this election,” said Wilson.

Some of the duties of a Student Trustee is that they attend board meetings on behalf of the students. A Student Trustee gets to see how the college runs in terms of Business administration and enrollment.

“My experience has been great. I get to attend most of the formal meetings, and they aren’t as boring as I thought they would be. I get to see how the board is ran and how important decisions at SWIC are made. The good thing is that I get to share my own views about the topic and my views are taken into consideration as well. The very first thing I did as a Student Trustee was that I was allowed to vote for the new President of SWIC,” said Wilson.

Becoming a Student Trustee is a huge opportunity for a college student. It not only builds up the that person’s resume, but it also gives them the opportunity to learn about how the real life that is beyond college works. The Student Trustee Election for 2019, would be held on April 4th. Be sure to do your part in electing the right candidates for this position.

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