Should SWIC Employees Wear Visible ID Badges?

By SWIC Weekly

Please make sure to read this week’s fourth and final installment of SWIC Weekly‘s series concerning guns and SWIC. This week, Robert Luttrell, Director of Public Safety at SWIC, is featured.

In talking with Chief Luttrell, an interesting topic surfaced. When it was noted that no one is identifiable here on campus, Chief Luttrell agreed, saying it is difficult for he and his officers to know everyone on campus. The topic of identification badges then arose.

Does it make sense to have some type of identification for staff, faculty, and employees at SWIC?

It should help security identify who is employed at SWIC and who is not, right?

Should ID badges be worn at SWIC?

But, why stop there? Why not have students wear an ID badge of some type? This could be given out during registration, freshmen orientation, SWIC Activities, or however appropriate. Yes? No?

This is not to say something could not happen or that the ID policy would guarantee nothing tragic ever happening on the campus of SWIC. However, it could be a needed step to prevent such horror,

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