Students Address Safety Issues At SWIC


       It seems as the years go on, there are more and more mass shootings across the country.  The tears have dried and the cries of terrified mothers, that once left a ringing in people’s ears, have become dull from its frequency and prevalence in today’s world. Many have become so desensitized as a nation that many no longer ponder the “why’s” or “what if’s” of mass shootings.  

            But what if such a tragedy were to happen on campus here at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC)? And, why is not very many talking about it?

  SWIC Weekly approached several SWIC students during the Fall 2018 semester, wondering if they feel safe on campus and if they trusted the security on the campus. As expected, answers varied.

“I feel semi-safe, because of the robberies that have been going on at the parking lots,” said SWIC student Dylan Correia. “I trust the security on campus with my life.” 


  Kutter Emery, had a different answer. “Licensed police officers are working at SWIC for our safety,” said the SWIC student. “I walk with confidence, but with an eye open.”

Thai Simpson, another SWIC student, acted pleased with the campus’ security. “In all honesty, I do not feel in danger at any second on SWIC,” she said. “However, I will say that I think someone could carry a gun on campus, and people would be none the wiser based on the interactions I have had.”

Nate Collins added his two cents. “I’m not sure if there is any safety protocol against an active shooter,” said the SWIC student, “but I know one thing: to get the heck out.”

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SWIC student discusses school safety with SWIC Weekly. (Video provided by Kyle Woodring.)

NEXT WEEK in this second of a 4-part series: Find out what teachers and staff have to say about safety at Southwestern Illinois College.